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Donation Requests

Specialty Imports is a family business owned and operated by Alaskans. We have a long-standing commitment to supporting charitable organizations in the Alaska community. In general, we will consider non-cash donations to health or human need charities and to arts organizations which benefit the general public. The high volume of requests we receive each year routinely exceeds the number of donations we can accommodate. If you intend to request a donation, please review the following list to determine the eligibility of your organization.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The request must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event.
  • The requesting organization must be a non-profit with a 501c3 tax exempt status.
  • The organization must be in an area where Specialty Imports, Inc.'s products are sold.
  • The organization must accept responsibility for complying with local, state and federal regulations, especially those related to providing and serving alcoholic beverages

If your organization meets these guidelines, please complete the following Donation Request form. Please remember that meeting the guidelines does not guarantee a donation.

Request Form

Organization Name
The name of the requesting organization
Organization Address
The mailing address of the requesting organization
Contact Person
The name of the liason for this request
Contact Title
The title of the liason for this request
Contact Email
The email address of the liason for this request
Contact phone number
Contact fax number
Requesting organization's website address
Tax Number
IRS 501c3 Tax Determination Number
Programs and/or services your organization provides
Alchohol License
Type of license held by the organization permitting it to sell or provide alcoholic beverage for consumption
Expected number of attendees at the event
Intended Use
How will donated items be used at the event
Type of acknowledgements available
Generally, Specialty Imports cannot provide delivery of donated goods. Can your organization arrange for pick-up?
Yes No
Donation History
Has your organization received a donation from Specialty Imports within the last 12 months? Please provide the following details
  • Yes or No
  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Event Location
  • Event Description
Please share any additional information that can help inform this request